Amy Quinn-Tatt

is a film, stage and Tv costume and props maker and designer based in Melbourne, Australia, nominated for a Hazel Rodgers Award for Wardrobe on Rock of Ages for Altona City Theatre in 2018.

From a young age, Amy had a strong interest in costumes, learning how to sew from watching her mother, grandmother and nanna sew childrens clothing for local markets.

She started her career in costume in 2013 after a local director asked her to design a costume for his film “The Green Woman”.

Over the years, she has gained experience by learning from professionals in the industry as well as self-teaching herself.

She has knowledge in working with delicate fabrics such as organza, chiffon and silk as well as stretch and even pleather and real leather.

Even going out of her way to learn more skills including Embroidery, Vinyl Designing, 3D Printing and Foam Construction.

Please consider her for your next project.