The Taverna (January - February 2019)

Alkinos Tsilimidos

Greek drama filmed in a Greek restaurant in Melbourne, Australia

As costume standby, I had to keep an eye on continuity, Washing all costumes, Ironing, Manage everyone getting dressed before call and Organise the whole costume department to keep everything nice and tidy.

New Dawn (August 2018)

Glenn Ellis - Pandora Productions

Third Installment of a Sci-Fi Feature Film.

Was brought on as a last minute wardrobe replacement - Was given the task to dress everyone (main and extra) as per their characters and handy costume bible, Trying to keep continuity according to the script, Was able to assist with set dressing as well as being a Production assistant and even being an extra alien during an alien war.

The Faceless Man (June - September 2018)

James Di Martino - Chapter 5 Studios

“Emily is a recovering cancer survivor of three years. Faced with her fear of getting sick again, her best friend Nina plans a weekend away. Six friends venture out to a country holiday house to party over a weekend. Cut off from the rest of the world they soon learn the inhabitants are unsettling red neck individuals who terrorize and humiliate travelers. At the same time a para-normal monster seen as the faceless man haunts the house pushing the friends to their limits.”

Working with James the director and Production Designer Inneke Smit who brought me to be Costume Supervisor, working with a costume bible I went sourcing for most of the clothes needed for the characters (main and extras), attended production meeting, most of us had to sleep on set due to distance and filming 16 days straight with most days going for 12 hour plus shifts, Managing with spontaneous requests from costume change to location required, Making fake realistic blood on demand, Assisting with set dressing, props and continuity, Working closely with Julian Barbor (Script Supervisor) to discuss the filming scene and if its day or night, day 1 or day 3, Teaching my costume assistant how to work on set, Made costume pieces and mended jewellery on the spot. Cleaned fake blood stains off a costume during takes, Costume Standby with extra blood, tissues and wipes on hand.

Amy is driven and reliable. Her commitment and passion to her craft for costumes and demonstrated ability to work under pressure knows no bounds. Easily one of the best in the business.” ~ Julian Barbor, Film Producer

Official Trailer:

The Green Woman (October 2013)

Samuel McDermott - Sehnsucht Films

“Rommy is an unsuccessful alcoholic writer who's relationship is falling apart. When he begins to suspect that his partner, Mary, is having an affair on him, A green woman begins to appear to Rommy. However, it is not long before The Green Woman begins to ask Rommy to do things, strange things.”

Collaborated with Samuel about what he wanted for his green woman, drawing up designs and colour schemes, Made the costume to the actors measurements, Was on set for the Teaser Trailer filming, assisted with Makeup and Production Design.

Teaser Trailer: