Cosi, The Violent Outburst that drew me to you, Heisenberg & Shakespeare in Love (Melbourne Theatre Company)

(9 May - 8th July 2019)

Working at Melbourne Theatre Company in their wardrobe department, my duties include: laundry services (spraying freshener, washing (machine and hand), drying, ironing, steaming, manage repairs, organise dry cleaning, putting costumes back - I worked on 3 shows at once at 2 different theatres.

and when I had time I would pop over to the costume workshop and assist with ironing and fabric preparations to make it ready to use and also doing some small unstitching and hand sewing.

The Alex Taylor Experience Live Show

(1st September, 25th November 2018 & 22nd February 2019)

Collaborating with Alex Taylor and working to his show schedule, Organising and Supervising wardrobe, Operating a team of helpers, Managing strict time restraints, Assisting dressing the dancers, Prepping for costume changes, Insured the girls went out on stage with proper costumes and on time, multiple full costume changes, Keeping wardrobe area tidy, Working in a tiny wardrobe area which is also used as dressing room and with limited lighting, Brushing wigs, Modified denim shorts to Alex Taylor’s instructions, Dressed extras and featured extras, Assisted with Bump Out the previous day.

"A live show takes a lot of dedication from many people behind the scenes to make the show run smooth. The dancers had many costume changes during the night and their on and off stage timing is very important - Costume Supervisor Amy Quinn-Tatt kept the dancers on time, in correct costumes and made a few running repairs, overall Amy made the show run smooth. Thank You So Much Amy.. " Alex Taylor

 Taylor Swift’s Concert (October 25th & 26th 2018)

Working through an agency and under the direction of the experienced international travelling wardrobe team.

Steam outfits, Fold towels, Sort undergarments for background dancers, Hand stitch holes and sequins to costumes, Work backstage during concert, Sort clothing for quick changes for dancers, Pre-setting backstage costumes, Working in a fast paced environment.

P&O Cruises Pacific Entertainers Live Performances (9th September to 22nd September 2018)

Working independently as a subcontractor for Nigel Shaw Costumes while also collaborating with head director and choreographer from GrayBoy Entertainment and working around their schedule, organising multiple fitting, Altering and tailoring to fit the new performers, Watching dress rehearsals.

All while on a cruise ship for 2 weeks straight.

* Due to copywrite law I was only given permission to take photos as an audience member, No backstage pictures were allowed.

Rock of Ages - Altona City Theatre (June 2017)

Supervisor, Research into other productions and 80’s fashion, Alterations, Custom- made band t-shirts, Modified costumes by adding patches and studs, fitted every character from major to extras, collaborated with the art director.

Nominated: 2018 Hazel Rodgers Wardrobe Award at the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria